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CRYSTEX® QC Detectors

Here are described the detectors available for CRYSTEX® QC instrument:

  • Polymer Char dedicated oven for Infrared Detectors.

Infrared Detector IR4 - Integrated Version

IR4 is the standard detector integrated by default in all the Polymer Char analytical instruments. IR4 is a dual wavelength infrared detector, which uses the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure the concentration and composition in polyolefins.

IR4 is designed to measure on-line concentration and composition in GPC/SEC, HPLC or to couple it with other separation techniques like CRYSTAF, TREF, etc., and it has been proved as the most appropriate detector for polyolefins.

When adding a composition or a carbonyls sensor, other useful information can be obtained in addition to the concentration.

  • Polymer Char Viscometer


A high sensitivity capillary viscometer is an ideal complement to the Infrared detector in some polyolefin characterization instruments such as GPC-IR, TREF, CEF or CRYSTEX.

Viscometer configuration is optimized to achieve a better performance in each technique.

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