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Accessories for PO Characterization Laboratories

Polymer Char is invested in creating a complete and solid platform of solutions for Polyolefin Characterization. With instruments, analytical services, consulting and training services on the table, we are now taking it a step further and closing the circle of a complete range of solutions with the recent launch of a line of accessories that aim to facilitate the work done in a polyolefin characterization laboratory.

Working in this type of laboratory ourselves, we are very familiar with the difficulties presented with routinely tasks. In an effort to create a smoother and safer environment, Polymer Char has designed several accessories that have improved the quality of the day-to-day work. These series of useful accessories are now being made available to our customers.

  • External Filtration System

    Automated and compact instrument that removes carbon black and small-particle size fillers from the sample before an analysis.

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  • Solvent handling trolley

    Convenient and efficient tool to transfer fresh and waste solvent between a filling station and the instrument without ever coming into direct contact with the solvents.
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