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CEF Features

  • Fully automated CEF, TREF and TGIC* techniques (CCD measurement):
  • No manpower required.
  • No handling of solvents.
  • Low solvent consumption.
  • Automated rinsing at the end of the analysis.
  • Subambient operation (down to -20ºC) for low crystallinity samples.
  • Possibility of incorporating a Viscometer detector.
  • 42 samples can be analyzed sequentially and automatically with analysis time as short as 30 minutes per sample for high throughput analysis or as long as desired for high resolution analysis.
  • Easily interchangeable Infrared Detectors; IR5 MCT for outstanding sensitivity in concentration and composition, and IR4 with carbonyls capability.
  • Possibility of adding a Viscometer detector.
  • Excellent reproducibility.
  • Possibility of performing TGIC* by exchanging the column.

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