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CFC Overview

High resolution cross-fractionation of polyolefins is now possible with Polymer Char's fully-automated CFC instrument. Two-dimensional distribution interrelating molar mass and chemical composition is often required for a comprehensive characterization of complex materials. A complete crossfractionation is the only technique that determines this with no loss of information.

This compact and automated instrument fractionates the polymer according to composition through a TREF (Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation) process, while the resulting fractions are continuously injected into online GPC columns where a second fractionation, this time according to molar mass, is performed. Optionally, the TREF column can be replaced by a TGIC* column in order to separate by adsorption and reach the composition range of elastomer resins.

Polymer Char's analytical CFC technology overcomes the difficulties of preparative fractionation methods, which are tedious and time consuming. The full bivariate distribution is now measured in hours instead of days, with limited consumption of solvent, no manual intervention, and in an intrinsically safe setup.

The virtual instrumentation software allows for a flexible method configuration so that the analysis time and resolution can be optimized. A powerful and intuitive software package is available for data processing, calibration of columns, and graphical representation of distributions, allowing for different views of the data.

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