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CRYSTAF Overview

CRYSTAF is a fully automated instrument intended for the fast measurement of the Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in Polyolefins.

CRYSTAF instrument performs the Crystallization Analysis Fractionation technique to separate the polymer by its comonomer content. The process is done in a single temperature ramp (crystallization step), while the polymer solution concentration is monitored by using the Infrared Detector IR4 of Polymer Char.

The virtual instrumentation software controls the full process, therefore no manpower is required. Dry samples are put into the crystallization vessels and the instrument fills them with solvent and performs the dissolution, crystallization and sampling. Up to 5 different samples can be analyzed at a time in 8 hours under standard conditions. At the end of the process, vessels and lines are automatically cleaned and the CRYSTAF is ready to analyze more samples. Results of the Chemical Composition Distribution are obtained directly from the software.

CRYSTAF can be converted into a CRYSTAF-TREF combined system capable of running both techniques by using the same hardware. Each technique can provide complementary information on the CCD in some complex resins.

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