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CRYSTAF Software

The CRYSTAF Software is specifically developed for controlling and monitoring the automated CRYSTAF technique.

The CRYSTAF Software offers two operation modes: automated analysis and manual action; In the automated mode, an easy and complete interface defines all the conditions for the CRYSTAF analysis, such as the crystallization ramps, temperatures, times or volumes; to be adapted to all kind of Polyolefins and research studies by CRYSTAF technique. Furthermore, a set of standard methods are previously saved in the instrument to be used by the analyst for the routine sample analysis, based on Polymer Char’s standard conditions. User’s methods can also be saved and recovered for successive analyses.

On the other hand, the manual action operation offers the full control of the instrument, thought to be used as a fast and powerful diagnosis tool directly by the user and also by Polymer Char service engineers.

The Calculations screen is linked to the instrument database to facilitate the samples results organization.

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