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CRYSTEX® Overview

CRYSTEX instrument is considered a breakthrough technology automation of the amorphous fraction in polypropylene copolymers, also referred to as xylene solubles measurement in polypropylene copolymers. The crystalline and amorphous fractions are separated through dissolution – crystallization temperature cycle within closed stainless steel vessels (up to three samples can be analyzed at a time). Accurate and precise quantification is achieved by means of an optimized infrared detector, with no need of manual volume measurements or even to use the balance at all.

This method is being embraced by the industry as a robust and reliable alternative to traditional gravimetric methods (ISO 6427 part B, ASTM D-5492), due to the dramatic reduction of time spent by the analyst and laboratory supplies, the outstanding precision and the multi-detection capabilities.

Ethylene incorporated in the resin can be measured by the built-in infrared detector IR4 in the whole sample as well as in the amorphous fraction. A capillary viscometer can be installed to collect the intrinsic viscosity data in the same analysis, so that the most relevant parameters for a comprehensive characterization of the material are available in a short time using a single instrument.

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