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CRYSTEX® Analysis Overview

This service is intended to obtain the Soluble Content (Xylene Solubles equivalent) in Poplypropylene and copolymers. When properly calibrated, the CRYSTEX Instruments provide equivalent numbers to that of Xylene Solubles corresponding to the ISO6427, App. B without requiring the use of Xylene nor handling solvents manually. The analysis is performed using TCB as solvent and the process is fully automated, from solvent filling through a final cleaning of the whole system.

The precision obtained with this method is very high as was shown analyzing the same sample 50 times in a QC Industrial Laboratory, resulting in a 4.37% average Xylene Solubles value with a standard deviation of 0.08%.

To achieve results comparable to the ones being obtained in your own laboratory it is recommended to send, 2 or 3 similar samples with known Xylene Solubles values. Besides concentration, optionally, ethylene incorporation and IV on the original sample, the amorphous fraction, and the crystalline fraction can also be provided.

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