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CRYSTEX® Features

  • Full automation of the Xylene Solubles method, no manual solvents handling.
  • Results compatible with manual ISO 6427 method.
  • Linear correlation with Heptane Solubles method.
  • Results of three samples in about 4 hours.
  • No need for accurate weighing of sample or volume control.
  • Low consumption of solvent.
  • Process with no user supervision required and intrinsically safe operation.
  • Precision obtained in the Xylene Solubles results better than 0.7% RSD.
  • Ready for continuous operation 24 hours/7 days in manufacturing control laboratories.
  • Incorporation of the IR4 detector for the measurement of the concentration.
  • Possibility of obtaining additional information: ethylene content and intrinsic viscosity of the whole polymer, crystalline and non-crystalline fractions.
  • Remote control possibility to easy diagnosis from Polymer Char Service Center.

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