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Data Unit 200 Overview

The Data Unit 200 is an A/D interface to link any existing GPC instrument with Polymer Char GPC One Software modules.

This device can be configured with 4 or 8 independent analog input channels and used to collect data from up to 4 different instruments. Furthermore, if more analog channels are needed, another unit can be added and controlled by the same computer thanks to the control and acquisition software, provided together with the Data Unit 200.

Maximum resolution is provided with 24 bits and noise level is outstanding thanks to its totally independent and isolated analog channels. These features combined with a maximum flexibility in its configurations turn this device into a transparent gateway for the user to reach directly the analysis results. Accordingly, the acquisition step is not necessary.

Connection to the computer is provided in different formats like USB or LAN Ethernet 802.3 and also by Wi-Fi, simplifying the connection and placement in the laboratory.

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