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GPC-IR® Overview

GPC-IR is a High Temperature Gel Permeation Chromatograph or Size Exclusion Chromatograph (GPC/SEC) dedicated to Polyolefin analysis with an infrared detector as primary detector. Two options are available; IR4, with sensors for concentration and composition measurement of short chain branching or carbonyls, or IR5 MCT, for composition measurement of short chain branching with a high sensitivity thanks to an MCT sensor thermoelectrically cooled, with no need of liquid nitrogen. Both detectors can be integrated into the system with no transfer line, achieving the best sensitivity without compromising the chromatography quality. Triple detector configuration can be completed by a four capillary bridge built-in viscometer and a Multi-Angle Light Scattering (DAWN® HELEOS™ II 8 or 18 angle of Wyatt Technology).

GPC-IR columns oven is independent from detectors/injector oven, preventing the columns from suffering during maintenance tasks. This design allows to perform detectors/injector preventive maintenance or to change the loop injection volume without affecting the columns temperature.

The autosampler is a separate unit with 42 vials of 10 or 20ml attached to the detectors/injector oven through a heated interface. Sample preparation just consists of weighing the samples, since the vials are filled automatically with fresh solvent. They stay in the high temperature oven just the needed time for dissolution, to minimize sample degradation. After dissolution time (different dissolution times can be selected for each vial), the sample is automatically filtered by an in-line filter before the injection. There is no vial transfer along the whole process.

GPC-IR Virtual Instrumentation Software provides instrument control and monitoring of the whole process and signals generated. Calculations are performed by means of GPC One, the most comprehensive calculations software, developed in collaboration with the industry leaders, is capable of integrating all the detectors signals into a single package. The system includes remote control for an easy and fast diagnosis.

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