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GPC-IR®: Full Automation of a High-Temperature GPC/SEC Analysis

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Movie Title: Full Automation of High Temperature GPC/SEC by GPC-IR
Language: English.
Duration: 5:12 minutes.
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Content Overview:

The full automation of the GPC-IR® instrument has no match in the field of High Temperature GPC/SEC analysis. This is the only system that truly automates all sample preparation steps, including filling of the vials with preheated solvent, transfer of vials to the high-temperature oven, where the samples are completely dissolved through gentle shaking, and later filtered. Thus, the physical involvement of the analyst in the process of handling solvent while at high temperature is eliminated, having a positively direct impact on the safety levels at the laboratory and the reduction of manpower.

Furthermore, GPC-IR® is the only instrument with a sample-care design that preserves the quality of the polymer during the process in order to optimize the final results. The sample care characteristics begin by keeping each individual sample at high temperature no longer than just the necessary period of time. Thermal degradation is reduced because the exact time required for dissolution for a specific type of polymer can be previously programmed by the user. Another feature is sample dissolution through gentle shaking, rather than stirring of the sample with magnetic bars, which produces stress on the polymer chains. The last sample-care step performed automatically is a vial atmosphere purge. In order to prevent degradation due to the Oxygen trapped in the vial, the vial gas phase is flushed repeatedly with a supply of clean Nitrogen, thus, providing an inert atmosphere to the vial.

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