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GPC-IR®: Unparalleled Baseline Stability

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Movie Title: The Most Stable Baseline in Polyolefin analysis.
Language: English.
Duration: 2:00 minutes.
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Content Overview:

New developments in infrared technology have allowed the integration of a Highly Sensitive IR5 MCT detector into the GPC-IR® instrument, eliminating the need of external devices or heated transfer lines. The results obtained show an outstanding improvement in signal-to-noise ratio of around ten times in all absorbance signals over the standard IR4 detector, as well as enhanced baseline stability.

The high sensitivity of the IR5 MCT allows reducing the injected amount of sample, which is beneficial to the accuracy of the analysis, and sometimes required to prevent overpressure in the columns when dealing with high molar mass materials.

The movie clip shows the outstanding baseline stability throughout an analysis of several hours of double injections of different types of polymers with a concentration of 1 mg/mL. Even with lower injections, the chromatogram quality remains being excellent.

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