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GPC-IR® Software

The GPC-IR Control Software makes the analytical process fully automated including vials filling, dissolution, filtration, injection and data processing. Samples to be analyzed simply need to be added to the run-queue among all the available customer samples from the GPC-IR database, compatible with other existing customer’s databases, and as the run-queue is filled in, all the conditions involved in the GPC analysis process can be configured; vials filling volume, dissolution times, number of injections per vial, etc. Afterwards, the software follows those settings to perform the analysis of up to 42 samples with no supervision required.

After each injection, data can already be accessed and calculated. Polymer Char’s GPC One is currently the most comprehensive calculations software since it integrates all detectors signals. An integrated wizard facilitates the steps, and in addition, user data processing or calibration procedures can be incorporated into the package, becoming the first GPC calculations software completely customizable. A reporting tool has been also incorporated, generating reports in MS Excel®, Pdf, Bmp and other formats adapted to each user’s needs.

The GPC-IR Software incorporates a powerful interface built as a Virtual Instrument, with the possibility of operating all the instrument hardware parts from the computer, and receiving feedback from all the actions and detectors signals.

The GPC One Software, developed in collaboration with the world leaders in this field, provides the most comprehensive data processing platform available in the market.

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