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GPC-QC Overview

GPC-QC is a compact, high-temperature GPC instrument for quality control in polyolefin manufacturing lines. The instrument has a simple and reliable approach based on Polymer Char's recently developed QC platform, to provide robust and precise Molar Mass Distribution for process control.

For quality control purposes, the industry has traditionally relied on physical parameters related to an average of the MMD, such as melt flow index (MFI) and density. These parameters are not enough when producing complex multiple reaction products, some of them having multimodal MMD. It is in these occasions when GPC-QC can provide significant value by measuring the whole MMD.

GPC-QC delivers the complete Molar Mass Distribution for one sample through a simplified workflow, while keeping a fully automated sample preparation and an analysis free of manual solvent handling throughout the entire process. The complete analysis takes 30 minutes including dissolution.

The IR detection, implemented in the instrument through Polymer Char's integrated IR4 or IR5 MCT detectors, is highly stable, contributing to the overall reliability of the instrument. The IR detector also provides simultaneous chemical composition information, which is key for controlling the production of heterogeneous resins.

Moreover, for a truly complete analysis, the instrument can also measure intrinsic viscosity by means of a built-in dual-capillary viscometer that can be incorporated as an additional feature.

Important applications for GPC-QC are:

  • Pilot plants.
  • Plant start-ups.
  • Monitoring grade changes in multi-reactor processes.
  • Monitoring the microstructure of pipe resins.
  • Processors' laboratories.

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