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GPC-QC Detectors

Here are described the detectors available for GPC-QC instrument:

Infrared Detector IR4 - Integrated Version

IR4 is the standard detector integrated by default in all the Polymer Char analytical instruments. IR4 is a dual wavelength infrared detector, which uses the principle of infrared absorption spectroscopy to measure the concentration and composition in polyolefins.

IR4 is designed to measure on-line concentration and composition in GPC/SEC, HPLC or to couple it with other separation techniques like CRYSTAF, TREF, etc., and it has been proved as the most appropriate detector for polyolefins.

When adding a composition or a carbonyls sensor, other useful information can be obtained in addition to the concentration.

Infrared Detector IR5 MCT - Integrated Version

IR5 MCT is a infrared detector with a flow through cell, which incorporates interference filters at five different wavelengths and a thermoelectrically cooled MCT detector with a high sensitivity (no liquid Nitrogen required).

IR5 MCT is designed to determine concentration and composition on-line in separation techniques providing high sensitivity and stability of both signals.

In 2012, the IR5 MCT detector has been fully integrated into some of Polymer Char instruments and the carefully controlled detector environment results in superb long term baseline stability.

To couple an IR5 MCT with a GPC instrument is an ideal combination for measuring very low number of branches in HDPE pipe resins thanks to its high sensitivity, which is able to distinguish differences of up to 1 branch per 1,000 atoms of carbon.


A dual-capillary capillary viscometer can be coupled to GPC-QC, with an optimized configuration to this instrument.

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