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GPC (Molar Mass Distribution) Products

The analysis of the Molar Mass Distribution of Polyethylene and Polypropylene resins by GPC / SEC has always been considered a demanding task due to the requirement of high temperature operation for dissolution and multi-detection methods, which results in complex hardware design.

Polymer Char’s range of products for GPC/SEC analysis includes:

  • GPC-IR

    A state-of-the-art High Temperature GPC for Polyolefins analysis incorporating all the features demanded by the users.
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  • GPC-QC

    Simplified and fully automated GPC instrument aimed at control laboratories in polyolefin production plants.
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  • GPC One Software

    The most comprehensive GPC Calculations Software available in the market integrating all detectors signals in the same package.
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  • Data Unit 200

    Versatile signals acquisition device to link any vendor GPC instrument with Polymer Char's GPC acquisition and calculations unit.
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