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Intrinsic Viscosity Analysis Overview

This service is intended to obtain the intrinsic viscosity in polymeric materials, even the most challenging polymers such as high and ultrahigh molar mass polymers. The analysis is performed in the instrument IVA with TCB as solvent and 160°C as standard conditions and results show a good correlation with decaline results. Analysis with other solvents and other conditions are possible too, given the fact the instrument has a wide temperature range up to 200°C.

IVA is a reliable and automated instrument for intrinsic viscosity analysis of polymeric materials, which can sometimes demand high temperatures (up to 200°C) for dissolution. IVA is based on the recently developed QC platform, which integrates in a reduced footprint, a robust dual-capillary relative viscometer combined with a high temperature autosampler of demonstrated reliability in several applications. As an option, the infrared detector IR4 can also be added.

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