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IVA (Intrinsic Viscosity Analyzer) Overview

Polymer Char introduces IVA in response to the market's need for a reliable and automated instrument for intrinsic viscosity analysis of polymeric materials in solution. Intrinsic viscosity can be seen as an indirect measurement of the average molar mass and, as a result, it provides valuable information within any polymer characterization process. IVA is based on Polymer Char's recently developed QC platform, which integrates, in a reduced footprint, a robust dual-capillary relative viscometer combined with a high-temperature autosampler with a capacity for 42 samples. IVA can analyze a wide range of polymers with IV values from 0.5dL/g up to over 40dL/g, such as polyolefins, PET, PAN, PMMA, and others, by using almost any organic solvent.

IVA capillaries and tubing do not require manual washing or rinsing, and provide robust and precise viscosity values over time. The careful design of the heated compartment and transfer lines ensure that no cold spots are found and that even the most challenging polymers can be analysed.

When using IVA, the analyst places the vials with polymer into the autosampler's external tray, at room temperature. Then the instrument takes the vials into the dissolution oven, fills them with solvent and starts shaking. Dissolution temperature, shaking intensity, non-oxidative atmosphere with nitrogen, and time are accurately controlled so that the analyst can select the optimum conditions to achieve full dissolution while minimizing thermal degradation.

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