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Photo Archive

Here you will find images from Polymer Char’s world, such as the corporate logo or pictures of its Head office. Before downloading them, please note the following provisions:


  • All photos may be used for journalistic and private purposes.
  • The images may not be altered or combined with other images.
  • The photographs may not be used for advertising purposes.
  • The image data may not be given to third parties.

Logo Use Basic Guidelines:

  • Maintain an open area surrounding the logo.
  • Minimum size: the logo must always be displayed at a size large enough to read the logotype.
  • The logo can only be used on white color background.
  • The logo is provided in high resolution. Please make sure it does not lose resolution when you resize it.

For any doubt concerning Polymer Char’s logo use please email

Corporate Logo



If you are interested in obtaining pictures from our products which have not been included in the Press Releases, please ask our Press Contacts at Polymer Char. Thank you.

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