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PREP C20 Software

The PREP C20 Software automates the known fractionation process by Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation (TREF) with a column support. The instrument allows users to save time and prevents them from handling hot solvents thanks to the full automation of the traditional fractionating steps, typically performed manually. PREP C20 software offers a wide flexibility when setting the different conditions involved in the fractionation process: such as the number of fractions obtained, column loading volume, temperature steps or cleaning cycles.

PREP C20 user just needs to weight the sample, put it inside the vessel, select the fractionation conditions and start the software. From this point on, the instrument performs the vessel filling with solvent, dissolution, column loading, crystallization, elution and fraction collection.

The PREP C20 Software has been designed as a powerful Virtual Instrumentation interface to the instrument hardware, collecting all the sensors signals during the whole fractionation process as well as monitoring them in real time, watching at the expected behaviors and warning the user about any abnormal issues during the fractionation.

A manual mode is also available in the PREP C20 Software, like in all Polymer Char's instruments, without handling manually hot solvents and very useful as a fast diagnosis tool. As a result, every part of the instrument can be operated remotely. This manual mode is especially useful when fractionating unknown or difficult samples, allowing to perform step by step fractionations, which provides the user all the flexibility to adapt the fractionation conditions to the sample requirements.

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