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Preparative Fractionation Products

Preparative fractionation of a resin obtaining the physical fractions is a powerful approach in Polyolefin characterization research. Resulting fractions can be analyzed afterwards by other techniques such as GPC, TREF, CRYSTAF, NMR, FTIR or DSC. Therefore, results can be used to study the interdependence among different microstructure parameters. The most common and useful approach is the bivariate distribution study, as it combines chemical composition distribution results with molar mass results.

Polymer Char’s PREP mc2 and PREP C20 are powerful automated instruments to fractionate polymers by composition or molar mass.

  • PREP mc2

    Preparative instrument to fractionate polymers by Molar Mass or Composition (TREF or CRYSTAF) with no hot solvents handling.
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  • PREP C20

    A new column-based preparative fractionation instrument, capable to fractionate up to 20 grams of polymer.
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