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Preparative Fractionation Services

Fractionation of polymers by composition or molar mass allows the most comprehensive approach to the bivariate distribution studies since physical fractions from the parent sample are obtained. These fractions can be afterwards analyzed by whichever technique like TREF, CRYSTAF, GPC, NMR or DSC.

Instruments used for performing fractionations can be either PREP mc2, a benchtop Instrument capable of fractionating polyolefin by composition (TREF or CRYSTAF modes) or molar mass automatically; and PREP C20 , a fractionation equipment based on column and designed for larger scale fractionations by TREF method (for fractionation services starting from 5g per sample).

After the automated fractionation process performed by PREP mc2 or PREP C20, fractions are separated from the solvent by using an external filtration system.

The obtained physical fractions can be analyzed afterwards by CRYSTAF/TREF or GPC (depending on the type of fractionation performed) to check if the fractionation conditions used were the appropriate ones.

Finally, the obtained physical fractions are sent back to the customer by courier together with a report including the fractionation conditions, the recovered amount for each fraction obtained and the corresponding CRYSTAF / TREF or GPC analysis results of each fraction.

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