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Quality Mamagement

Polymer Char’s philosophy is specially oriented to Quality Management. Each week, the Engineering, Analytical and Manufacturing departments join in to follow up the continuous improvement possibilities within the different projects and areas.

Business practices, and specially the technical ones, such as those from the laboratories and production, are audited and reviewed monthly by an internal Quality Team. Besides, Engineering, Analytical, and Manufacturing departments are highly involved in several work-teams to ensure the Customer always receives the best quality.

Since the beginning of its history, Polymer Char’s philosophy regarding product development has been dedicated to putting all its efforts in what it is really good at, such as Polyolefin Analytical Chemistry, Detection Technology and Software; subcontracting other technologies which other dedicated suppliers will probably do better. This way it gets the sum of the latest technologies in one single and very reliable product.

As a result, Polymer Char selects the best suppliers for the electronics and measurement tools of its products, since it is really aware that in the Research field, the Customer’s interest is to receive high quality and technology corresponding to the latest scientific advances, while receiving the best service and training.

In conclusion, Polymer Char’s Quality Management policy honors its essence: Scientific commitment and Customer-orientation.

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