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Research and Development

As a technology company, Polymer Char is highly devoted to Research and Development activities. For more than 20 years the company has been investing annually around 20% of its manpower resources in R&D.

Thanks to this continuous dedication, today the company can provide the widest range of reliable and advanced instruments for polyolefin characterization.

In recognition of Polymer Char’s technology, the company has received several awards, such as being considered one of the 50 Successful Companies in innovation in the Valencia Community or the innovation recognition in 2010 to its instrument GPC-IR by C&EN Magazine (from the American Chemical Society).

Polymer Char collaborates in several projects with prestigious Petrochemical companies and Research Institutes to develop unique instruments adapted to their specific characterization needs. In most of the cases these instruments have been introduced into the commercial industry afterwards with reliable and satisfactory results. Polymer Char laboratories in the Valencia Technology Park are considered today a worldwide reference, receiving every year scientists and technologists in the field of polyolefin analysis from all around the globe. With the various techniques to determine polyolefin microstructure, the whole range of Polymer Char instruments perform here analyses for companies in 35 countries.

Polymer Char has a close connection with the polyolefin industry, being its researchers frequently invited to give lectures in the main polymer research conferences and to contribute proactively by publishing scientific publications of the field.

With approximately 80% of its employees directly involved in R&D projects, Polymer Char’s technical approach is closely aligned to its Mission: to become the leading-technology company in the field of polyolefin analysis.

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