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TREF Overview

Temperature Rising Elution Fractionation is the most comprehensive technique for the characterization of the Chemical Composition Distribution (CCD) in Polyolefins and Polymer Char’s TREF is the first fully automated analytical instrument that performs this technique.

The virtual instrumentation software controls the full process, so no manpower is required. Samples are put into the vessels and the instrument performs the solvent filling, dissolution, column loading, and temperature cycles combined with pump flow control. At the end, vessels and lines are cleaned and ready to analyze more samples.

The concentration of the sample is measured by an infrared detector (Polymer Char’s IR4), which can also offer information about comonomer content if a composition sensor is added. More information can be obtained by adding a Viscometer detector.

TREF can be converted into a CRYSTAF-TREF combined system capable of running both techniques by using the same hardware. Each technique can provide complementary information on the CCD in some complex resins.

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